Publishing the Live Streaming Content on WordPress Websites

How to Publish the Livebox live streaming contents on WordPress websites?
       While live streaming on the server channel, the same live streaming content can be published on websites/blogs with the Livebox streaming server. To publish the live streaming contents on your WordPress website/blogs, first, you need to stream a source to your server channel. And from the server channel, you can publish the live streaming content smoothly on your websites/blogs within a few steps.Let’s see the steps involved to publish a live streaming content on WordPress websites/blogs.
Create your channel on Livebox.
Stream a source to your channel using the RTMP URL of the same channel with the help of an encoder.
Preview the live streaming on your Channel Dashboard.
Now go to Manage channels and select your live streaming channel. Then click Embed code to copy the displayed embed code.

embed code
secure embed code
Note: If your site is secured i.e. HTTPs encrypted (SSL encrypted), then you have to copy the Secure Embed Code.

scure embed code
If your server isn’t secure or the SSL certificate validity is over,  it will be indicated Not secure on the URL tab of your server.
not secure server
So, to renew the SSL certificate of your website follow the instructions given in this link
Now Login to your WordPress website.
Go to New Post page to publish your Livebox server live streaming content on the website.
adding post in wordpress
In the new post page, click the Add block menu.
adding live streaming content in wordpress website
A dialog box with options to add block gets listed.
Under the formatting menu, select the Custom HTML option.
add block options in wordpress
In custom HTML block, you can enter the copied embed code of your streaming channel.
embedding live streaming content on WordPress websites
adding live streaming content from livebox streaming server
After entering the embed code, you can also preview the source.
previewing live streaming on website
Then click the Publish button on the top right corner to embed the live streaming content on your website.
publish live streaming content from livebox on websites
You can now go to your website main page to view the published post.
publishing live streeaming content on website using livebox streaming server

The live streaming content from the Livebox server is published on your website successfully.


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